How to Set and Hit Writing Goals

26. Six Ways to Hit Your Writing Goals

Writing a book is a big goal. Lots of people take it on, but only a small percentage of them actually achieve it.

So what do published authors know that wanna-be authors haven’t learned? How do they manage to hit their big writing goal?

Breaking that big goal into smaller goals is a good first step. But then what?

There are some simple and proven steps you can use to drastically improve your chances of finally becoming an author by hitting those small goals.

In this episode, I share what I’ve learned about goal-setting from writing over two dozen books.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set writing goals that work for you
  • When to adjust your writing goals
  • Why accountability isn’t enough to keep you writing–and what else you need
  • How to set your own expectations for your writing so nothing surprises you
  • What to do every time you achieve a writing goal

Mentioned on This Episode

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1:1 Author Coaching for maximum support as you write your book

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