5. To Outline or Not to Outline Your Non-fiction Book

Writing a great book doesn’t happen overnight or in a weekend. But it doesn’t have to take years either.

How long have you been trying to write your memoir, how-to, or other nonfiction book? Do you wish the process was easier? Would you like to write your book faster and with less stress?

In this episode, you’ll weigh the pros and cons of outlining your non-fiction book. If you’re writing a book to grow your business, share your message, tell your story, or get more visibility, you can’t afford to spend years getting it done.

Outlining will help you get over writer’s block, stay focused, and write your book faster. Discover the many benefits of outlining your book and why it doesn’t have to be a difficult or boring process.

Clearly, I fall on the side of actually outlining your book, but I used to be totally against it. I’ll explain why I changed my mind, and yes, I’ll try to convince you to join me on team outline.

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