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You’re pretty sure you’ve got an idea for a book that will change lives but . . .

  • Maybe you have no idea where to start writing your book.
  • You’re going back and forth between book ideas, unable to pick one.
  • Or you’ve started writing, but you’re stuck in the middle.


If any of that sounds like you, check out “Jump-Start Your Book.” The free guide from Book Coach Candice L. Davis walks you through 5 simple questions to get clarity and get into the writing process with confidence.


For over twenty years, Candice has helped coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs write brilliant books that change lives in ways big and small. It’s your turn. Grab the free guide now.

Authors Ignited (12-month Group Coaching Program for Nonfiction Authors)



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Do you have an idea you just know would make a great book—if you could just figure out how to write it?


Whatever kind of book you feel called to write, the whole writing process can seem overwhelming.


You end up starting and stopping, but you never finish your book.


If that sounds anything like you, you’re not alone.


But writing a book that shares your story or your knowledge doesn’t have to be painful, and it doesn’t have to take years to do.


If you have the right framework, feedback, and support, you can write your book without all that unnecessary stress.


That’s why my friend, Book Coach Candice L. Davis, created Authors Ignited, a group-coaching experience for smart people who want to write books that matter.


In Authors Ignited, you’ll learn:


  • An easy framework to follow so you never have to worry about what to write next
  • Effective ways to share your story to make a real impact
  • How to write a book that positions you as the expert and connects with your readers


And you won’t have to do it alone.


You’ll have the support of a writing community and of your Book Coach.


If you’re ready to finally write the book you feel called to write, a book that can help you achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose, check out Authors Ignited.


Candice’s Bio

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Book Coach Candice L. Davis believes everyone has a story worth telling and knowledge and wisdom someone else needs. She also believes any book worth writing is worth writing well. It’s her mission to help you write a world-class book, enjoy the process, and surprise yourself with how beautifully you can put your genius on the page.


Candice is the host of “Nothing but the Words,” the podcast that gives you everything you need to know to write a phenomenal book, and the creator of Authors Ignited, a group-coaching experience for nonfiction authors who care deeply about the quality and impact of their books. She has written more books than she cares to count, and coached dozens of authors to write their own transformative books.