Finally Cross "Write a Book" Off Your List of Goals and Dreams!

Now, you can get the support, feedback, and accountability you need to write your book.

Forget what you've heard about how hard it is to write a book. Becoming an author doesn't have to be a struggle. 

It's time to shift your thinking and imagine a better, easier way to write your book.

Now you can finally: 

  • Stop struggling to find time to write.
  • End the "start and stop" that's keeping you from finally becoming an author.
  • Get past the frustration of not making progress on your book.
  • Shorten the writing process by months.
  • Stop writer's block from slowing you down.
  • Share your story, your message, and your knowledge.
  • Become the author you want to be!

A well-written book with the right organization, structure, and content can help you: 

  • Establish yourself as the authority in your niche.
  • Reach many more potential clients and customers.
  • Gain the confidence to raise your fees.
  • Share tangible proof of your expertise. 
  • Tell your story and monetize your knowledge. 
  • Attract people who want to be a part of your community and want to support everything you do.
  • Lead potential clients back to your website, products, and services.
  • Change lives for the better.

Writing a book doesn't have to be a lonely, frustrating experience.

With my proven process and your consistent action, you can finish your manuscript in the next 6 months.

I'm Candice L Davis. As a Master Author Coach, Story Crafter, and Ghostwriter, I've helped dozens of people like you write their books. These are authors who want to share their stories and their knowledge to serve more people, build their businesses, and have a positive impact on the world.

My goal is always to help you communicate your knowledge, experience, expertise and insights in a way that serves you, the author, and your future readers. Whether you want to tell a personal story, share your professional experience, or teach what you've learned, I can help you craft a book to achieve your goal.

Join me for your 6-month Complete Author Coaching Experience!

I created this program for the busy author who's ready to commit to writing consistently, but who doesn't necessarily have a lot of time to dive in all at once. (This isn't for folks who want to write a book in a weekend.)

We'll use the same system I've used to write more than a dozen books for myself and for ghostwriting clients, including several bestsellers. 

No more grinding. It's time to get into the writing flow.

Before Your 6-month Complete Author Coaching Experience Begins

Before our first session, I’ll send you an assessment designed to help you make the most of our time. There are no right or wrong answers. This assessment will give us the direction we need to launch right into the writing process. 

 How We Meet 

We meet every other week via video conference so I can easily record our sessions. You can also reach me via email between sessions to ask any questions that come up.

What You'll Develop through Our Sessions:

  • A defined target reader profile (the person who'll buy your book) 
  • A clear picture of how your book will serve you and/or your business 
  • A distinct vision for how your book will serve your readers 
  • A complete and organized outline of your book 
  • A clear plan for what you need to do to go from draft to book 
  • A seeding strategy to lead readers from your book to your website 
  • A plan to get from first draft to finished book
  • Your initial content with my notes to make it even better
  • A list of my trusted publishing services resources

Your Support Between Coaching Sessions 

I don’t just go away, leaving you all on your own. 

You can email or text me any time you have questions between your coaching sessions. And if you need a quick emergency author call, well make it happen.

In addition, I'll review up to 150 pages of your content to give you feedback along the way.

Want me to review your entire manuscript one last time before you move on to publishing? 

I'm happy to help. Authors who want more feedback from me can choose to add on a manuscript review after you've completed your manuscript.

Your Investment?

You'll invest $3200 (save$300 with single payment) or 6 monthly payments of $583.33 to finally get the answers and the support you need to get your book written.

What Are You Waiting For? 

It's your time to finally become an author. Let's get together so you can finish your book faster! 

If we've talked and you know Complete Author Coaching is for you, sign up here, and we'll get you set up. 

Join Now and Save!

Save $300 with a single payment of $3200

Your investment: $583.33 monthly payments

If we haven't had a chance to chat yet, click the button below to schedule a complimentary Author Discovery Call. During the call, you'll have a chance to ask all of your questions about author coaching--and you'll get to see if you and I are a good fit.