Is there really a shortcut to credibility and visibility?

Absolutely. The fastest way to stand out from the other experts in your niche: write your book.

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You see them all the time--and you just know that could be you.

On local news and national talk shows, on the biggest stages and the most popular podcasts. 

That's where you see the experts and influencers who command attention.

They're the people we all think of when we think of their niche. 

They're working in their purpose, making a difference, and making a lot of money doing it. 

And what do they all have in common? They're all authors. 

Every time you see the same expert pop up (maybe in your own niche), you think the same thing. That could be me! 

And you're right. 

It could be you. It should be you. 

But to get that kind of credibility--well, let's face it--you need to write a book. Author still equals authority.

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The Good News: Writing a short book can get you the results you want.

With a short book, you can . . .

Be the Recognized Expert

Instantly put yourself on the same level as other experts in your niche. Attract your ideal clients with your expertise.

Share Your Message

Use your book to connect with more people and attract more of your ideal customers and clients.

Influence and Earn More

Position yourself as the expert in your niche, ready for media appearances, bigger stages, and gigs that pay more.

Once upon a time, you had to write a 350-page book to be taken seriously. 

But that's definitely not the case anymore. 

People are still reading books, but attention spans are shorter. 

We text instead of emailing, and you can forget about handwritten letters. 

We listen to 8-minute podcasts and watch 60-second Instagram videos. 

Now more than ever, people want their information and entertainment in small bites. 

People want to hear your story. They want to get the lessons. They want you to teach them something that can make a difference in their lives. 

But they have to fit reading into busy days packed with distractions. 

Short books let your readers make time for reading and time to apply what they learn. 

When you write a book packed with great content, it doesn't have to be long. For most readers, short books actually provide more value because they can actually get through them!

You don't have to write your book all alone.

Introducing . . .

In this program, you'll discover:

  • Strategies to make sure your book idea is a good one
  • What to put in your book--and what to leave out 
  • A step-by-step process to write a quality book you can be proud of 
  • Proven tools to overcome writer's block 
  • Secrets to making a short book even more valuable than a long one
  • How to use your book to turn readers into fans, followers, and clients

And you'll get:  

  • Group coaching calls to ask your author coach your questions, get feedback on your ideas, and stay accountable to your goals
  • Access to coaching call recordings
  • Step-by-step guidance to write your book
  • Audio files so you can listen on the go
  • Worksheets and templates to make writing your book easier
  • Access to trusted self-publishing resources
  • Lifetime access to the library of content
  • Open email coaching with your author coach, award-winning author Candice L Davis
  • Bonus content published regularly

Author still equals authority.

My clients have used their author platform to appear on major stages and media outlets, including:

Dr. Phil  

Dr. Oz  

The Steve Harvey Morning Show (radio) 


Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit  

Disney Dreamers Academy

Sister Circle Live

Cutthroat Kitchen

The Breakfast Club  

Steve Harvey (daytime TV)

Good Morning America  

The Essence Festival  

Fox and Friends 

The Social  

Local new outlets  

And many more . . .

"Candice provided just the support I needed to get my book written."

Antonia Lofaso, author of The Busy Mom's Cookbook and Top Chef semifinalist

"Candice helped me make my words sing on paper with her literary skills."

Yvette Gavin, consultant and author of Recalibrate! Navigating the Job Market with Confidence

It's your time to write the book that brands you as the expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

You can join Short Books: Big Results at any time. The program is self-paced and you can ask questions on the coaching calls based on where you are in the process.

Is this another course that will leave me hanging on my own?  

This isn't a course. It's an ongoing program. You never have to be left hanging on your own because you can always ask me questions on the monthly coaching calls. 

Will I be able to ask questions?

Absolutely! Join me live for the monthly coaching calls or watch the recordings. You also get email coaching when you join the program. You can ask a question via email every business day, and I'll be happy to answer it. You can even email on the weekends, and I'll get back to you on the next business day. 

You never need to stay stuck. I'm here to help you overcome any challenge you face on your book-writing journey.

What if I'm not a writer?

Welcome! Most author-entrepreneurs aren't professional writers. I've designed the program to make it as easy as possible for you to write your book. You don't have to be a great writer to become a successful author. However, I'll give you some writing tips to help you improve where you need it.

Is this program for me if I want to tell my story? Or is it just for business books?

Short Books: Big Results will walk you through the steps to write a memoir (to tell your story), or almost any other nonfiction book. That includes how-to books, subject explanantion books, and more. This program will help you write whatever nonfiction book you want to use to grow your business, reach more people, and increase your visibility and influence.

Will this take a lot of time?

I hate buying programs only to find 30-minute videos that I don't have time to watch. So I've intentionally kept the videos lessons short. Most are about 5 minutes, so you can work in small steps, doing one exercise at a time, or dive in and do several when you have more free time. You can expect most of the exercises to take 10 to 20 minutes. How much time you choose to invest in your writing is up to you. 

Is this just a bunch of templates to fill in with my information?

Not at all. I've seen too many bad books produced with templates. I give you templates where they make sense, but everything in Short Books: Big Results is 100% customizable. No two books written in this program will be alike. 

Will this program help me write my novel?

Sorry. I love fiction, but it's a totally different beast. This program is designed to help you write a great nonfiction book. Contact me directly for novel coaching at

Is there an upgrade to this program?

No. You don't need to worry about buying more programs. I've included everything you need to write a great book.

What makes you the right person to help me write a book?

I've been in the writing and publishing business for almost 20 years. During that time, I've written or ghostwritten 18 books and edited dozens more. I've also coached hundreds of people through the writing and publishing processes. Along the way, I've won some awards, but more importantly, I've helped many of my clients create great success with their books. I care about story, words, and quality. And I love helping smart people become authors. If you're in, I'll never leave you hanging. I've got your back on this journey.

I'm Ready to Write My Book!

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